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About the Contest

It's time to find the 2020 Strongest Athletes and Schools in the U.S.A.!

Competition Rules and Regulations


​Male: 119 | 129 | 139 | 154 | 169 | 183 | 199 | 219 | 238 | +238
Female: 101 | 110 | 119 | 129 | 139 | 154 | 169 | 183 | 199 | +199


Bench | Back squat | Clean ( full or power)


1. Upload 3 videos displaying your best bench, squat, and clean. 

2. Fill out the required information below

3. Video file name should be listed as follows Athlete Name_Lift_School_Weight class_Gender

Ex. John doe_Bench_USA Weightlifting HS_119_male


1. All athletes must submit 1 video showcasing their best bench, squat and clean.

2. Each video must include the athlete weighing in on a scale with the weight clearly visible following the completion of each lift.

3. Squat and bench will be judged based on the rules set by USA Powerlifting.

4. Clean will be judged based on the rules set by USA Weightlifting

5. Athletes between the ages of 13 and 18 may participate 

6. Home-schooled and international school US athletes may participate 


1. Upon request athletes will have to submit high school attendance verification to suzy.sanchez@usaweightlifting.org

2. Bench shirts and squat suits are prohibited

3. Pulling straps are not allowed

4. Videos that do not include a weight check are not allowed

5. Excessive weight cutting methods are not endorsed or allowed

6. Knee sleeves and knee wraps are allowed

7. Belts are allowed 

8. In the case of a tie the athlete that posted their video submission first will be awarded


Top 3 schools:

Crossover Symmetry: Pro Shoulder Package

LMNT: Sample packs

Truce Hand cleanser: Gallon of chalk remover and all purpose cleaner plus discount codes

LiftGenie: LiftGenie tape

Club banner

Top school:

(1) rogue men's or women's barbell


Weight class champions:

Crossover Symmetry: hip & core system

LMNT: two 30-ct boxes

Truce Hand cleanser plus discount code for top 10 men/women

LiftGenie LiftGenie tape top 10 men/women LiftGenie tape

United lifters: t shirt


Caffeine and Kilo's gift card

(1) pair Nike WL shoes

(1) year USAW membership


Daniel Santacruz

Daniel Santacruz


Reese Hafner_Dos Pueblos High School_169_Male

Reese Hafner


David Tomas Buso

David Tomas Buso


Jonathan Wheeler

Jonathan Wheeler


Josh Buso

Josh Buso


Kaylee Landa

Kaylee Landa


About us

The Mission of USA Weightlifting shall be to enable United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic competition and to promote and grow the sport of weightlifting in the United States.