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Summer Series Schedule

Each event will havea  5 min time cap i.e. max reps within a 5 min period of time

July 6 - 12

125% BW max reps Front Squat 

July 13 - 19 

100% BW max reps complex: Power clean + Squat Clean + Jerks (1+1+2) 

July 20 - 26

50% BW max reps Sotts Press 

July 27 - August 2

100% BW max reps 3 Position Snatch 

August 3 - 9

175% BW max reps Deadlift (straps allowed) 

August 10 - 16

125% BW max reps complex: Squat Clean + Front Squats + Jerk (1+2+1) 

August 17 - 23

75% BW max reps complex: Squat Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat (1+1+1) 

August 24 - 30

100% BW max reps Thrusters 


Athletes must be current USA Weightlifting members

Athletes must submit all required information on the entry page

All submissions must include a weigh in for weight verification i.e. athlete must step on a scale and show body weight before or after their lift

Video submission must be in mp4 format

Example submissions

Check the USA Weightlifting IG for weekly example videos 


Submission will be ranked using a public vote 


Awards will be given to the top 5 men and women based on vote score

1 Vote = 100 points

Top 5 men and women will receive:

Caffeine & Kilos - $25 C&K gift card

ESC Sounds -  ESC Wireless Ear Buds

RP - Free month of app use

Muscle Up - Box of bars and gym towel

Ascent - TBD 

LiftGenie - 6 rolls of tape

Crossover Symmetry - Hip and Core System


Onyx Straps - $25 Onyx gift card

BrainCo - TBD 


$25 entry fee


Weekly Ranking

Top Entries

Celenia, caballero, 66kg

Celenia Caballero


James Song, IKON Strength

James Song


Shanna Aberson, 125% BW Max Rep FSq

Shanna Aberson


Jacob, vignere tweleve lions athlete

Jacob Vignere


Matthew Erdman

Matthew Erdman


Melissa Harmon

Melissa Harmon


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Submit your video

Before you submit ensure your video format is in MP4. Other video file types such as .MOV, .AVI, etc. may not process and result in an invalid entry. 

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About us

The Mission of USA Weightlifting shall be to enable United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic competition and to promote and grow te sport of weightlifting in the United States.